Chelsea Jade is a singer-songwriter from New Zealand, who currently resides in Los Angeles. She has written songs for artists such as The Chainsmokers and Wet, and she was featured on Jai Wolf's 2018 single "Lost". 

In this episode, we discuss the music video for her new single "Superfan", her relationship with Deafheaven's George Clarke, stand-up comedy, Carly Rae Jepsen's Emotion, among other topics.

Starfruit is one of the most versatile pop bands out there. For this episode, I chat with vocalist Ava Boehme, and we discuss orgies, the intersectionality of music, dance and style, Fiona Apple's new record, the macho tendencies of the Wild West, and other things. 

For the inaugural episode of Hex Enduction Hour, I chat with Houston-via-Dallas rapper BBY BRUJA, whom Lyrical Lemonade once described as, "bringing a refreshingly versatile sound to the current R&B landscape that we should be paying very close attention to."


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